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Barclay Butera Classic yet unexpected, traditional yet innovative. These elements are deeply rooted in the designs of Barclay Butera, and are reflected in his first wallcovering line with MDC. A carefully crafted collection of grasscloths, this natural collection is environmentally sustainable while remaining sophisticated.
Of his newest collection, Barclay says, “We turned up the volume by adding a very chic, mid-century vibe that is reminiscent of the geometrics famous in Palm Springs in the 50’s and 60’s. I love that this collection is so versatile; it works beautifully in traditional, contemporary and traditional projects.”
Cosa Old world hand crafted and hand screened wallpapers, juxtaposing luster against matte, layering texture upon texture. Cosa's translucent qualities transform color into mystical settings.
Dalian These handcrafted wall treatments render the look of hand applied plasters, iron gilding, crackled frescos and textured fabrics. They truly harmonize pattern and texture with a quality that stimulates multiple sensory perceptions at once. As these are handcrafted, all patterns can be custom colored to meet your design needs for as little as 30 yards.
Dimension Walls Deeply textured pliable decorative panels create an arresting focal point. Choose a metallic finish to bend the light. Or, select a paintable option to achieve your specific color vision. Either way, your space will go from ordinary to extraordinary.
Encore 2 Encore emanates a flexible horizon of vinyl patterns and textures in a wide range of colors, embracing endless applications and design schemes. Deeply embossed designs, such as Roxy and Gibson, push creative balances to new levels while fresh clean colors, a vast array of soothing neutrals, pleasant mid-tones, and deep dramatic earth colors develop this rich palate. Encore II utilizes tones that provide structure as well spontaneity, rusticity and comfort, introducing timeless and exciting designs for your space.
Matteo Mother-of-pearl subtlety meets substantive aesthetics in this collection of handcrafted wallcoverings. A mix of look-at-me filigrees and florals and classic smaller-scale textures create a selection with real depth. Whether you seek to create a focal point or simply set a mood, this shimmering set of designs fills the bill.
Munro These luxurious, handcrafted wallcoverings are quite literally a work of art! Catering to a most discriminating clientele, these wallcoverings are custom crafted to each order.
Natural Textiles Natural Textiles elegant textiles are detailed by refined color combinations incorporating highly reflective filling yarns. Offered in rich color palettes from beautiful classic neutrals to bolder, more modern colors and color combinations; your walls will sparkle with luxurious, sophisticated weaves that balance interwoven hints of shimmer and matte. In addition, the inclusion of large scale bold fabric design elevates this collection to the next level of natural textile design.
Oggi These luxurious, handcrafted wallcoverings are quite literally a work of art! Catering to a most discriminating clientele, these wallcoverings are custom crafted to each order.
Portal Featuring versatile Type I and Type II vinyls, Portal features a broad selection of colors and textures to meet any design need. High end designs paired with competitive prices make this collection perfect for any space.
Thom Filicia Celebrated designer Thom Filicia reimagines contract spaces with a new lifestyle-inspired collections from industrial to inviting, basic to beautiful. Distinguished designer Thom Filicia infuses his decorator's touch into his first-ever wallcovering collection.
Unique Effects 1 We invite you to experience the beauty of stunning hand laid feather wallcovering. The feathers are just a part of the Unique Effects collection, featuring a vast array of exotic Wallcoverings; Corvo Beads, Sequins, Avalon Glass Beads, Banyai Fabric, Brocade Embroidery, Arabesque Wood, Diamond Strand, Sisal Square, Wood Herringbone. This spectacular product makes any space a showplace.


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